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What is the Donation Station Program?

A smaller alternative to the Wishing Tree Program is our Donation Station Program or our Wrapping Materials Program. Previously this program was reserved for our corporate organisations however any collective group of people are welcome to register for the program.

The Donation Station Program collects the additional festive Christmas treats and smaller items that are added into the food baskets prepared by our Basket Buddies volunteers.

Some ideas may include:

You are limited only by your group’s imagination however we do kindly ask that when you are selecting items for your donation that you keep in mind the following:

  • Each recipient family receives at least two large bags of groceries so if you are buying fragile food items such as mince pies or biscuits please ensure they are in boxed or hard protective wrapping so they don’t get crushed.

  • Baskets are delivered in mid-December which is the start of summer so please no donations which could melt between our packing venue and delivery to our recipients

  • Any Christmas decoration donations need to be able to fit into our shopping bags or box of gifts. Whilst a small 20cm Xmas tree is fine, a 6ft tree just won’t fit (unfortunately).

  • Aim for items that aren’t breakable but still sustainable and can be used more than once.



Remember, whether you collect 5 items or 500, all of your generous donations will make a difference to someone’s life here in the greater Brisbane area and help us to spread the magic this Christmas.


Be sure to check our the FAQs for this program on page 17 of the Brisbane Basket Brigade Ultimate Guide.


Any queries please email

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