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Corporate Initiatives

Is your organisation/ workplace/ club looking for volunteer opportunities in 2020? The Brisbane Basket Brigade (BBB) could be just the thing!

We've launched an exciting new set of activities aimed to inspire workplace giving and encourage your staff/ team to make a positive difference to the lives of others in our community.

BBB are able to tailor partnerships to suit your business needs and objectives and we can help you to integrate BBB throughout your business.

To see how you can get involved, all the details of our 2020 corporate initiatives can be found in our corporate program link below


Some of the benefits of partnering with BBB may include:

  • aligning your company with a trusted non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation to help boost your brand’s reputation and credibility, which can in turn enhance customer loyalty;

  • providing employee engagement opportunities, such as our Corporate Packing Day Team Builder, to help attract, motivate and boost the morale of your staff;

  • increasing your brand awareness to a new audience through logo inclusion, advertisement, as well as print and signage marketing opportunities;

  • gaining greater positive PR opportunities through your commitment to supporting a meaningful, local, community-based cause; and

  • helping you achieve or instill your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

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