Basket Buddies 2020

Welcome to Basket Buddies 2020!


Note: If you haven't already, please register for this program so we know how many baskets you will be buying, and how many we can deliver this year. You will be sent a Welcome email after registering, with your shopping list and instructions. 

Thank you for registering to become a Basket Buddy in 2020. We're thrilled to have you on board!

Please download the appropriate shopping list below, based on what hour pledged during registration:


Family basket shopping list

Single basket shopping list

Homeless basket shopping list

*We recommend taking a photo of your shopping list for easy reference.

What Next?

We ask that you simply follow your shopping list each week and put the food item(s) aside. Though we suggest buying an item each week as part of your regular shop, feel free to buy them in any order and look for specials to save money. Most products will come on sale between now and Christmas, and any brand is fine to purchase.

Delivering Your Basket

You can deliver your food basket to our Packing Venue (TBD) on Friday, 11 December or Saturday, 12 December (9am-5pm).


Alternatively, you can deliver it to a designated drop-off location closer to your home the week prior. More information about this will be sent closer to the date. 

Join Our Facebook Community

We'd love you to join our Basket Buddies 2020 Facebook group, where we'll post special deals on our list of items and you can share your own with the group. 

How We Choose Recipients

The Brisbane Basket Brigade works with numerous homeless shelters and local charities across Brisbane to determine who will receive our Christmas baskets. This ensures we remain impartial and can help those most in need within our community.

If you would like to nominate someone as a recipient, we encourage you to contact a local charity in their area and let the charity know about the Brisbane Basket Brigade.

Updating Your Preferences

If you wish to change the number of baskets you are pledging between now and December, please click "Update my preferences" at the bottom of your Welcome email. You will be directed back to the registration form where you can make updates. 

Got questions? 

Check out our FAQ document or email us at