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There are so many ways you can get involved and support the Brisbane Basket Brigade. Any
individual, organisation, group or school can nominate for one or more programs. All we ask is that
you register for each so we can keep our figures up to date, and that you register for our newsletter to
ensure you are kept up to date with all the latest news.

Our signature programs for individuals and their families are:

Basket Buddies Program – commences 1 September, ends November

Register for our basket buddies’ program and we’ll provide you with a choice of Shopping Lists to
create a bag of food for an individual/family or a bag of life essentials for a homeless person.

Refer to the Basket Buddies option under ’Our Programs’ for more details.

Community Packing Day Volunteer/s – Saturday 9 December

Register to join our community packing day and enjoy spending time with like-minded individuals.
Bring your family and friends along however, please ensure each individual is registered to ensure
we remain within the venue limits.
You will be involved in packing the bags of food received through the Schools program or purchased
with donations and grants, wrapping children’s gifts and packing the present boxes ready for dispatch
on Sunday. When it’s all done, we would love some assistance packing up and clearing the venue.

Community Delivery Day Drivers and Dispatch Crew – Sunday 10 December

Register to deliver the present boxes and food bags to a location in your area. There is nothing more
heart-warming than making someone’s festive season a little brighter.
Perhaps you could register for our dispatch crew and spend a few hours loading the sleighs before
they head out across the Greater Brisbane area. You are welcome to put aside some deliveries to do
on your way home if you like.

Refer to each of these options under ‘Volunteering Opportunities’ for more details.

Corporate organisations LOVE our Corporate Packing Day (PAID event) – Friday 8 December 2023

Start the morning setting up the venue with tables and chairs and SO MUCH wrapping paper. Unload
the vans bringing the children’s gifts and bulk food purchases and ensure it is all set up ready to go.
Follow this up with some gift wrapping, make up some gift boxes or start packing food bags with
items received through our school program and purchased with corporate donations and grants.

Refer to the ‘Corporate Packing Day’ option under ‘Volunteering Opportunities’ for more details.

Our Schools program offers the opportunity for our youth to contribute food for individuals and
families less fortunate.

We also have colouring in templates for junior primary school students which we use to decorate our
children’s gift boxes.

Refer to the ‘Schools’ program’ option under ‘Our Programs’ for more details.

We accept nominations from:

  • Local grassroot charities that service the greater Brisbane area

  • Professional teachers and school chaplains

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Training organisations that provide programs to the disadvantaged or marginalised

For further queries please reach out to the recipient coordinator at

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