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If you’re looking for a way to get your primary or secondary school children involved with the Brisbane Basket Brigade we run multiple school programs where kids, parents and teachers can get involved. Whether you’re a small classroom or a large school we have a program that will fit. Our specific school programs are set out below.


Personal Care (Toiletry) Drive

It’s not something we really think about (and often take for granted) but imagine having to choose between toiletries and food? Our school

program invites students to donate hygiene items that are added to our recipient baskets. Items may include:

Secondary School Adolescent Gift Drive

Our Secondary School Adolescent Gift Drive is run the same way as our Wishing Tree Drive however the gifts are specifically for our adolescent age groups. This category is often the hardest group to buy gifts for but who would know better than their peers the best ideas. It’s also an opportunity for our teens to reflect and appreciate the gifts they have in their own lives.


The only requirements for each gift are:

  • Approximately $15-$20 value for general gifts

  • Age appropriate

  • Items must be new (i.e. no second hand goods)

  • Gifts must contain no offensive, political or religious statements

  • No clothing. Accessories such as hats, socks and jewellery are ok

  • All gifts must be delivered unwrapped or if they are wrapped, marked appropriately, i.e. Boy aged 15

  • Multiple gifts in 1 parcel are ok. Just make sure that they are packaged together (but not wrapped).

Looking for other ways to get the kids involved?

  • Get your kids colouring! Each box of presents we deliver to a family or single is beautifully decorated with a hand-coloured Christmas theme. If you would like to have your classroom participate in providing some of the colouring-in sheets we will use, please reach out to the schools program coordinator by email and they can provide you with the templates. Alternatively, you can use your own Christmas templates and get in touch with the program coordinator to arrange collection

  • Only have a small classroom? Consider signing the entire classroom up as a Basket Buddy and build a bag of food collectively for a family in need.

  • Host a casual dress day where you collect items for a Donation Station Program or Wrapping Materials Program in lieu of a gold coin.

Be sure to check our the FAQs for this program on page 21 of the Brisbane Basket Brigade Ultimate Guide.


To registered your interest in these programs or for any queries please email