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Frequently Asked Questions

​Q: How do you choose the families that receive the baskets you create?

A: The Basket Brigades works with local grass roots organizations that work with the needy families on a regular basis to assist those that are truly needy. By working with these organizations we are able to help their organization provide services that they would otherwise struggle to provide. We also know that the people they recommend are worthy of the donations.

Q: What areas do you deliver baskets to?

A: The Basket Brigades will deliver baskets to wherever they are needed. For more information on your nearest Basket Brigade go to Your Local Brigade in the menu.

Q: How much of the money you raise goes back to the community?

A: The Basket Brigade is a not for profit organization that is run totally by volunteers - people like yourself who care about making a difference in the lives of others. The only administrative fees we have are some minor postage costs and our insurance to cover the volunteers on packing day - approximately 99.5% of the funds are put back into the community. All our brochures and marketing materials are donated by generous businesses who are keen supporters of the Basket Brigade

Q: Is the donation I make tax deductible?

A: The Basket Brigades listed on this website are a program of the Magic Moments Foundation of Australia which is a registered not for profit charity. Any donation over $2 will receive a tax deductible receipt which you can then use to claim your deduction.

Q: What sorts of things are put into a basket?

A: The baskets consist of staple foods, festive foods and items and also toys for the Children of the families. Pasta, rice, tinned and fresh foods accompany Christmas cake, tinned ham and custard. The idea is to provide yummy things to make a festive Christmas day and staple items for the days before and after.

Q: Do they know where the baskets come from?

A:The baskets are given anonymously with a note which reads:

          "In this festive season and always, take care of yourself and your family.
         Enjoy the contents of this basket and if you ever find yourself
         in a position to help another, please pay this kindness forward."
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