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What is the Wrapping Materials Program?


Can you imagine how many rolls of paper, sticky tape, glue, ribbon and bows it takes to wrap an average of 14,000 presents in just 3 days?

Our wrapping materials program was introduced in 2021. Similar to the donation station program, this program is a smaller group alternative program to the wishing tree program. It’s simply just a matter of collecting from your team and/or group anything that will assist us in wrapping the mountain of gifts over our packing weekend.

Some items that we'll definitely need include:

Basically, anything you would use to wrap your own Christmas gifts!


Whilst we don't accept used paper, we definitely are happy to take partly used rolls of wrapping paper as our gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Please, no metallic or glitter paper because we know from experience that it just doesn't stick well to sticky tape (lesson learnt).



Your generous donations are how we ensure the gifts presented to our recipients are bright, colourful and clearly wrapped with love and care. We thank you in advance for helping to spread the magic this Christmas.

Be sure to check our the FAQs for this program here.


Any queries please email

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