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Our Work

The Basket Brigade is a non-profit organisation that provides food and gifts for people that need a hand - children, the elderly, hungry & homeless - during the Christmas season each year. To date, hundreds of teams of volunteers feed more than 2 million people in 400 cities, across 74 countries annually!


Our baskets are given anonymously - the only note recipients receive asks them to take care of themselves and if one day they find themselves in a position to help another then we encourage them to do so - the "pay it forward" concept

How We Began

Since 1995, throughout the Christmas season, the Basket Brigades of the Magic Moments Foundation have worked with grassroots organisations to deliver food, clothing, toys and hope to those who need it most

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2021 Achievements


Although a very challenging year, 2021 proved to be another successful Packing Weekend, with over 1,200 volunteers coming together to help sort, wrap, pack and deliver Christmas Baskets for 1,944 households reaching over 5,200 recipients in need last Christmas. In addition 362 Homeless Bags were delivered to our friends on the street.


In total over 12,000 gifts were wrapped and nearly 3,500 shopping bags of food packed and distributed which equates to an estimated 30 tonnes of food and gifts. 


Roughly $500,000 of food and gifts was distributed, bringing smiles to the hearts and faces of thousands last Christmas.


The BBB Committee would like to extend a massive thank you to all our volunteers in particular our Basket Buddies and our Corporate Sponsors who have enabled us to deliver such an amazing result.

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