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The baskets are packed, the presents are wrapped and sorted and boxed ready to go and now we just need some Brisbane sleighs (in the summer heat, not the snow) to deliver our Christmas baskets anonymously to our greater Brisbane area recipients.

Since 1995 the Brisbane Basket Brigade has been anonymously delivering food and present baskets to members within our very own community that may be doing it tough to remind them that someone cares at Christmas. This is truly a rewarding and humbling experience for our volunteers.

Picture this, you and your delivery driver team arrive at a recipient family’s doorstep, just before Christmas, armed with 2-3 bags of food and a box of presents, a kind smile and cheery message to let them know that someone who cares about them has nominated them and their family to receive a package of food and presents to celebrate the season. Often recipients will ask ‘What’s the catch?’ and your response can be ‘no catch, we’re just the delivery drivers here to remind you that someone cares and to help you have a Merry Christmas’. There’s a high probability that there will be first confusion, then often tears, hugs and sincere gratitude. You can never know what someone else may be up against, this small gesture may just be one that makes a huge difference. There truly is no greater gift than knowing that your kindness has made a difference to someone else.

Depending on the size of your delivery team and your vehicle, each team is allocated deliveries for two to three recipients. Keeping in mind that as a minimum each recipient will receive at least 1 bag of food and 1 box of presents (singles) and a large family recipient can receive up to 3 bags of food and 2 boxes of presents.


A few things to bear in mind before registering for this program include:

  • All delivery driver teams must contain a minimum of 2 adults in the vehicle.

  • Children are more than welcome to be a part of your delivery driver team so long as the minimum 2 adults per vehicle rule is adhered to.

  • You will be required to enter all the occupants of your vehicle on your registration form (including any children).

  • You will be requested to deliver baskets to 2-3 different families/singles within a designated area or zone. We will try to allocate basket deliveries within a specific area if requested but we cannot guarantee those allocations.

  • All deliveries will be dispatched from our nominated packing venue.

  • We will provide you with full instructions and a briefing prior to your allocated deliveries. This will include how to deliver your baskets, what to say to your recipients to keep it anonymous and what to do if your recipients are not home.

  • If you register as a Community Packing Weekend Delivery Driver you will need to choose a dispatch time. Keep in mind that the times on tickets are for the dispatch times from the packing venue. You will need to arrive within your allocated time to ensure that the dispatch program runs smoothly. Please note that there may be a delay/backlog on pickups depending at which time you arrive and we thank you in advance for your patience.

  • We do have an allocation of tickets for the day noted as RESERVES.It’s often hard to gauge exactly how many vehicles it will take to deliver our baskets each year. If you register for a RESERVE delivery spot and are no longer required we will text you to let you know. Make sure that the mobile number you register with is the number for your designated driver.


Be sure to check out the details and FAQs for this program on pages 26-27 of the Brisbane Basket Brigade Ultimate Guide.

Any queries please email

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