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There are so many different ways that you can get involved and support the Brisbane Basket Brigade. Although a lot of our programs are aimed primarily at certain individuals, groups, schools or organisations, the programs are all interchangeable and any individual, organisation, group or school can nominate for any (or more than one) program and adapt the program to suit their needs and the size of their group. We encourage you to be creative with joining our programs and set out some ideas below that may help.

Our signature programs for individuals and their families are:

  • The Basket Buddies Program

  • Community Packing Weekend Volunteers

  • Community Packing Weekend Delivery Drivers


However, individuals may also be interested in:

  • coordinating their own workplace wishing tree, donation station or wrapping materials programs

  • arranging a group of friends/family or their community group to participate collectively in the Basket Buddies program, a wishing tree program, a donation station program or a wrapping materials program

  • encouraging their children/children’s school to participate in the schools programs (either through their P&C Committee or the School Administration Team)

Whether you’re a small office of just a couple of people wanting to run your own internal gifting program or a large company/retail chain/gym/factory that wants to collaborate with your clients and customers, we have a program that is sure to fit.

Our signature programs for our corporate organisations are as followings:

  • Wishing Tree Program

  • Donation Station Program

  • Wrapping Materials Program

  • Packing Weekend - Corporate Packing Day (PAID event)

For each of the above programs we also provide free access to resources to help support you in running your programs. You aren’t just limited to these programs though. You could also consider:

  • Joining The Basket Buddies Program and pledging multiple baskets to be purchased by smaller teams throughout your organisation

  • Running a ‘Free Dress Day’ or fundraising activity to support your nominated program such as a roll of wrapping paper instead of a gold coin

  • If you are hosting a Christmas party prior to our annual packing weekend you could do a drive of a ‘charity toy donation’ ticket price

You could also consider running programs across multiple locations, branches or providing a little friendly competition between teams and/or locations.

For further queries please reach out to the corporate/group coordinator at

Our signature programs for our primary/secondary schools are as follows:

  • Primary/Secondary School Personal Care (Toiletry) Drive

  • Secondary School Adolescent Gift Drive

You could also consider running one of the following programs:

  • Donation Station Program

  • Wrapping Materials Program

If you’re looking for a smaller, classroom size program you could also sign up an entire classroom to build a Basket Buddies pledge.

Although not a separate program we also have colouring in templates for junior primary school which we use to decorate our gift baskets for gifts. Reach out to our schools coordinator at for further information and templates.

We accept nominations from:

  • Local grassroot charities that service the greater Brisbane area

  • Professional healthcare professionals that work with the disadvantaged

  • Professional teachers and school chaplains that work with the disadvantaged

  • Training organisations that provide programs to the disadvantaged or marginalised

For further queries please reach out to the recipient coordinator at

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